Zoë Law


Life experience led Zoë to photography. Having spent her early 20’s in the music industry, A&R at Sony Music and Virgin, she then went on to become a successful makeup artist. Zoë worked within Fashion, shooting for publications such as Glamour, Elle, Vogue and many more. She was lucky enough to work with huge names in film and music, from Sienna Miller to Dido. Her vast experience shooting in all scenarios, on location, and studio work gave her a clear direction of where her photography niche would take her.

“Inspiration for me comes from a whole variety of factors; Firstly, the subjects themselves, but also movie stars, directors and an array of incredible photographers – if i am to pick 3, they would be; Richard Avedon, David Bailey and Helmut Newton.

I adore black & white imagery because it is iconic, versatile and stands the test of time.”



19th March-3rd May 2020


by Zoë Law, The National Portrait Gallery, London




11th May-9th June 2019

LIFE, a photographic exhibition

by Zoë Law, The Lowry, Salford



19th-30th September 2018

LIFE, a photographic exhibition

by Zoë Law, Pallant House Gallery, Chichester


21st–29th June 2018

LIFE, a photographic exhibition

by Zoë Law, Senedd, Cardiff


September 2017

LIFE, a photographic exhibition

by Zoë Law, Christie’s, King St, London


By Zoë Law

This is a presentation of images of the amazingly courageous people that attend Maggie’s. Each image represents their exuberance and joy for life, their resilience during and beyond cancer.

The exhibition also celebrates 21 years of Maggie’s.
Of their ongoing provision of vital support and community, helping those affected by any type of cancer.

This project was showcased in an exhibition at Christie’s, 11th-14th Sept 2017, and will be seen in Scotland, Wales and Manchester in the near future. Read more here.

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By Zoë Law 

March 2020 – Displayed at the National Portrait Gallery, London

Inspiration for this series came about in 2017 when I decided to photograph true British legends. Initially the project stemmed from my own perception of industry leaders, including those who had an impact on me, my life and career.  The series took off immediately, and soon had a life of its’ own. I came up with unique but relevant concepts for all the subjects. For example; Sarah Reygate, celebrity makeup artist: Sarah is one of the worlds most successful makeup artists, and one of the most beautiful and glamorous. She is the epitome of a 1950’s movie star, therefore, my inspiration was obvious.  Lorna May Wadsworth, Artist.  I absolutely had to shoot Lorna in bed, due to the very fact she has a daybed in her studio and when not feeling the least bit inspired will just go to sleep, I love her for that! Lorna is also exceptionally glamorous, as the images depict. Nicholas Cullinan, Director, The National Portrait Gallery. Nicholas is powerful, charismatic, super chic, and dedicated to his role at the NPG. For me it was obvious for his image to be strong, contemporary and direct, with a nod to the classics, which is why I incorporated the painted dark canvas backdrop.  These are just a few examples, but they all have a story.


Very soon after I started the series I decided to dedicate the project, including all funds raised, to Maggie’s.



The Law Family Charitable Foundation was set up in 2011 by Andrew and Zoë Law.

Both Zoë and Andrew have long-standing charitable interests. As a sign of their commitment to giving they wished to establish a charitable foundation to build on these existing charitable associations and allow them to provide long-term support for worthwhile causes which are important to them.